August 15 ride

Kinsol Trestle – Malahat Skywalk – Cowichan Bay Loop

Tue. Aug 15 2023

Approx 100 KM or 65 Miles


Kinsol TrestleThe Kinsol Trestle is one of the tallest free-standing and most spectacular timber rail trestle structures in the world. At 187 metres in length and standing 44 metres above the salmon bearing Koksilah River, the Kinsol is an incredible structure. It is approximately 1.2 km to walk from parking spot. Allow an hour or so.

Malahat Skywalk Cost approx $35. Ascend the spiral ramp to peak adventure. At 250 m above sea level, the tower offers some of the best views on Vancouver Island, including a sweeping panorama of Mt. Baker, Finlayson Arm, the Saanich Peninsula, and islands in two countries. Explore the West Coast from a whole new perspective and then choose your descent with a return walk down the ramp or take the fast route on our Spiral Slide. Coming down from the tower on the 20 metre spiral slide might be the only thing as awesome as the view from the top. Go ahead, take as many turns as you like – we’ll understand. Allow about 1 ½ hours.

Cowichan Bay For many thousands of years Cowichan Bay was home to First Nations people who harvested the wealth of salmon and shellfish found in its many coves, tidal flats and swiftly flowing rivers.Today, the village of Cowichan Bay is a tourist attraction in the summer because of its cozy fishing-village feel. Allow about an hour or so.

Scenic Ride back to Hotel Enjoy some scenic roads back to the hotel.



2. 9:30 MANDATORY ride brief in hotel parking lot marshalling area

3. 10:00 Depart hotel

4. From Norcross turn right onto HWY 1

5. Turn right onto Cobble Hill Road

6. Stay right onto Shawnigan Lake Road

7. Turn right onto Renfrew Road

8. Turn right onto Glen Eagles Road

9. Turn right into Kinsol Trestle Parking lot

10.Approx time here 1 hour. Does involve easy walk to and from Trestle.

11. Continue back on Glen Eagles Road

12.Turn left onto Renfrew Road

13.Turn right on West Shawnigan Lake Road

14.Turn Left onto HWY 1

15.Turn right at Malahat Sky Walk.

16.Approx time here is 1 ½ hours.

17.Turn right onto HWY 1

18.In Mill Bay turn right onto Kilmalu Road

19.Turn left onto Telegraph Road

20.Turn right onto Cowichan Bay Road

21.Park at Hecate Park

22.Approx time here will be 1 hour

23.Continue on Cowichan Bay Road… turns into Tzouhalem Road

24.Turn Right on Maple Bay Road

25.Turn Left onto Herd Road

26.Head south on HWY 1 to Duncan

27.Turn right onto Norcross Road

28.Arrive at hotel

Route maps

Hotel > Kinsol Trestle

30m (28.2km)

Kinsol Trestle > Malahat Skywalk

24m (21.3km)

Malahat Skywalk > Hecate Park

26m (24.5km)

Hecate Park > Hotel

27m (24km)